Christmas Lights & Twitter Trolls


Thursday Night: We just had a super cozy cooking night. Peter cooked this incredible pesto sirloin with squash and mixed veggies and I made the pasta (per usual). We opened up one of the cheap wines and it was much better than I expected. For the price I would definitely buy it again. After dinner, I made this delicious banana bread while drinking wine. I used the Trader Joes packet and added some real bananas and brown sugar and it was amazing so I have no shame in not actually baking it from scratch myself haha. Later on in the night we just relaxed around the christmas tree and a few candles and watched a Christmas movie. The banana bread was supposed to before the next morning but we couldn’t resist and cut into it that night 🙂

Friday: This was a very interesting day to say the least. Peter woke up early and headed to Athlete Retreat to train and I headed to the gym to get in a quick workout. On the way home Peter brought home Starbucks and we sat around the breakfast table and ate some of the banana bread from the night before and drank our gingerbread lattes. Peter took a video of him training that day and decided to post it to Twitter. Oh man, did that start some drama. I won’t really go into the details of what was said but I do want to quickly touch upon what I took away from the ordeal. I think sometimes “fans” of certain athletes find it hard to associate them as real people with real feelings. They think that whatever they send over to the player is a one way conversation and they can be as rude and mean as they please without getting a response back… and then go on to do it to more athletes, celebrities and public figures. I know for at least Peter’s case, he does read what people say to him. It’s human nature and it’s even harder to ignore it when that person is right in your mentions. To all the people out there who write condescending, rude and mean things to the players on their favorite team… these players see what you write to them. The good, the bad and the ugly. They see your faces and your name. You aren’t invisible to them. These players have lives outside of baseball. They have problems just like you have. They are much more similar to you than you think. They work hard during the off-seasons to accomplish the same thing you fans want… a winning season and a championship! This player isn’t just a vessel that is used to play well and win your city a championship. They are so much more than that. And to the fans who send positivity to the players on their favorite team and are fans for who these players are on the field but more importantly for their character… THANK YOU! Your faith in these players and positivity do not go unnoticed and it truly does make Peter so happy and excited to start this season.

So ANYWAYS… later on in the day we headed to Cypress Point to sit on the beach and watch sunset over the water. We then headed over to Peter’s parents house to watch his brother Alex and his girlfriend Jordan take pictures for her formal. They looked so beautiful and handsome and the pictures came out amazing! We ate seafood bisque and cake balls all night and had a lot of fun sending them off to formal. Peter’s family has the two cutest beagle mix dogs ever. Frankie is such a couch potato but he has such a sweet soul and just loves being around us. Carlo is a free spirit and has such a huge personality. One minute they will both be cuddled up next to each other sleeping and the next they will be nipping at each other. The act like total brothers and it’s too cute. We left their house at around 8:30 and Peter and I went home really quick to make hot chocolates and change into cozies to go drive around and look at Christmas lights. We listened to Christmas music and looked at all the palm trees lit up with lights.

Until next time,


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