Tapas on Tapas


Hiiiii everyone!

Bulla last night was AMAZING. Everything they serve on the menu is tapa style meaning they are smaller plates almost like an appetizer that you share with the table. What’s so cool is that you don’t have to commit to just one meal and instead, try a few different things on the menu! We got this unreal cheese and meat board with bread that had some tomato sauce on top. I ordered the meatballs and some shrimp dish and they both were spectacular. Next time we go, I would definitely order other things so I could try more on the menu since they have so many options. Bulla also has a pretty great wine selection of mostly Spanish wines. I got a cabernet and it paired perfectly with everything I ordered so that was definitely a win for the day. Peter and I got back from our double date last night and I immediately ran upstairs to get into something cozy. I love dressing up and doing my makeup and hair but the best feeling in the world is coming home and taking off your makeup, putting on sweatpants and throwing your hair up.  We watched 2 more episodes of the new Netflix show “Dark” and cuddled up with about 10 blankets and a candle lit. The show is in German so you have to watch it with the subtitles but it is pretty good so far! If I were to try to describe it to anyone I’d probably say it’s like a darker Stranger Things. Today I had absolutely no energy or motivation to go to the gym so I worked most of the day and went grocery shopping for the next couple of weeks until we head up to Boston for Christmas. I can’t walk by the wine or flower section without getting something so today I happened to get both. Trader Joes wines are extremely cheap so I bought 2 Italian wines for like 10 dollars each and I’ll feel extra classy drinking those this week haha. Tonight, Peter and I are going to cook dinner together and I really want to make this banana bread I bought today from TJ’s for breakfast for the next couple of days.

Until next time,


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