I’m Back!





Ok so I haven’t blogged in what feels like FOREVER. I got this idea in my head recently and really felt the urge to start journaling. I really just wanted to jot down some things I did during the day to look back on from time to time since it feels like my life is going a million miles a minute. This “journal” would be just for me to take some time out of my day to reflect on the things I’m doing and to force myself to chill out and take time for myself. Sooooo I thought why not do it on here? I’m hoping to get myself to sit down everyday and reflect so hopefully there will be a new post everyday. Before I jump into all of that, I’m going to get y’all caught up and what we’ve been up to this off-season so far…

This off-season has been fairly short for Peter and I since it truly didn’t start until the end of October. We moved from our apartment to a townhouse in Beach Park Tampa. After the craziness of moving, Peter’s agency flew us out to San Fransisco to hang out with our baseball friends and their girlfriends/wives for the weekend. The agency put together this incredible wine tasting experience where we explored Livermore Valley, drank tons of wine and ate tons of food. Later on in the night, all of us couples Ubered to the Marina District in San Fran and went out for the night. It was such a fun night and my stomach hurt the next morning from laughing so hard. After that incredible weekend, Peter and I flew to Jackson Hole, WY and met up with his family for thanksgiving. Wyoming is probably one of my favorite places I have ever visited. I had been there once before when I was in middle school but being back there this time around was even more surreal. Jackson Hole really is God’s Country. Peter and I were so obsessed with the town that we actually  looked on Zillow for mountain houses for the future. We can dream right? Once we got back from our vacation we really had to get back into the swing of things. A typical day for Peter and I when we are on our schedule is wake up around 7:30-8, make a quick breakfast together, he goes to workout/train at Athlete Retreat and I do some work until around 11ish. Then I head to the gym and try to get in an hour workout. Peter and I meet up at around 12ish and eat lunch together. We usually just eat left overs from dinner the night before but sometimes we eat out. Then I’ll do some more work until around 3-4 and then usually run some errands. Peter is an AMAZING cook so he usually cooks dinner (hallelujah) and I pretend to help 🙂 After dinner we are like an old married couple and catch up on our shows, watch movies, sometimes I read a book while he plays video games and then we usually head up to bed around 10-10:30. Peter’s leaving for Spring Training the first week of February so I really am just enjoying every moment we have together before the whirlwind of season starts again.

Alriiiight, so now on to this week. This weekend Peter and I headed to Vero Beach for his 23rd birthday to catch the Jake Owen concert. Jake is AMAZING and such an entertainer. Highly recommend seeing him if you love country music and he’s coming to your city. Monday: we had a catching up day since we spent the weekend “all play, no work” style. I had a ton of work to do and he had to get back into the swing of training so we spent most of the day apart and met up for dinner at Jasmine Thai since I was craving ramen. Tuesday: we woke up and went to one of our favorite little spots in Tampa. Pipo’s Cafe is a cuban cafe that serves breakfast and lunch and it is soooo good. We ate and grabbed cafe con lechès to go and tackled most of our christmas shopping. Such a relief! We headed back home after our day of shopping and cooked dinner together. Later on that night we headed over to Jake’s Apartment (one of Peter’s close friends) for his birthday. It was a beer tasting party so we brought over 3 huge bottles of beer and a cigar for him. Jake brews his own beers right in his kitchen and hopes to one day open up his own brewery (how cool?!) so we even got to try some of his own home brewed beers. It was such a fun night with good conversation and good drinks. Today we woke up and Peter headed to workout while I did some work. We met up at Ciccio Water for sushi and then sat by our pool and took in some rays. It’s about 60 here during the days now and I love it. It feels cool in the shade but when you’re sitting in the sun it just feels amazing. Tonight we are going on a double date with one of Peter’s high school teammates and his girlfriend at this new gastrobar in Tampa called Bulla. It just opened up in SoHo and this will be my first time there so I’m really excited! If you haven’t already noticed I am a huge foodie so majority of these posts will probably be about food so I’m sorry about that in advance haha.

Until next time,



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