Summer Style


Happy Fourth of July everyoneee!

With America’s birthday coming up tomorrow and summer being in full swing (can you believe it?!), I decided to make a quick blog post on all of the fun summer trends that I am absolutely loving this year! As a disclaimer, I am ALL about comfort and actually despise wearing anything that will make me uncomfortable while I’m running errands, at the ballpark, working or just hanging out casually with family and friends. Truthfully, my everyday go-to’s during the summer are my floral and patterned playsuits and loose fitting dresses, plain tees and tanks with funky and flowy shorts, plain tees and jean shorts paired with any shoe with a heel or cute sandals and comfy maxi dresses or t-shirt dresses. All of the outfits and accessories below are something I would wear for date nights, nights out on the town, brunch dates, vacations, etc. (Most of everything below you can find on Nordstrom’s website! If you can’t find the exact item, you can find something very similar)

Ok the first is Gingham ANYTHING. It’s fun, flirty and lightweight making it perfect to sport during these hot summer days. I personally love the classic black and white gingham but I also really like the red and white pattern as well. Below are some of my favorite looks!


Off The Shoulder Gingham Dress | Nordstrom


Solid & Striped | The Anne-Marie One Piece in Raspberry/Cream


Nordstrom | Gingham Wrap Miniskirt


Gingham Mini | Miss Pap Clothing


Gingham 2-Piece Set | Sabo Skirt

Next is 2-piece jumpsuits! Living in Florida during the summer can be absolutely brutal. When it is 95 degrees out with almost 100% humidity, the last thing you want to wear is clothes that cling to your skin. You may think that jean shorts and a tight tank top may be the better option in this weather but actually less clothing doesn’t always mean staying cool. Long flowy pants will actually keep you cooler than tight fitting shorts in the heat. Flowy clothing during these scorching hot and humid months are a MUST. Here are some of my fave sets:


Patterned 2-Piece Jumpsuit | Gillia Clothing


White Frayed 2-Piece Jumpsuit | Urban Outfitters


Striped 2-Piece Jumpsuit | Nordstrom

I have absolutely fallen in love with statement earrings this summer! They make any outfit look killer in an instant. You don’t need to be wearing a simple outfit either to rock these kind of earrings. What I’ve been loving is wearing a patterned and colorful dress/shirt and pulling out a color that I want to pop through my earrings. Here are some  ideas:


Pretty Pom Tassel Earrings | Nordstrom


Last but not least… a simple outfit accessorized with a statement clutch! This may be one of my new favorite summer trends just because of how easy yet cute it is! All you need is a white or non-patterned shirt paired with jeans or shorts/skirt, add a funky clutch and boom you’re ready to go! Funky clutches also look adorable with plain dresses as well. During the summer you don’t want to be carrying around a big, bulky bag when you’re not running errands. It’s too hot to be carrying around a heavy bag and it can make your outfit look a little messy. Clutches always put together an outfit nicely and can add some pop to your casual summer outfits. Examples below:


Beaded & Embroidered Clutch | Nordstrom


Colorful Pom Pom Clutch | Sabby Style


Turquoise Velvet Clutch | Nordstrom


Brand Unknown

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